Monthly Archives: May 2022

Raman Spectroscopy of Minerals, Crystals and inorganic Salts

Abstract: in this article we describe the construction of a DIY Raman system, based on a 532 nm DPSS laser and a B&W Tek surplus spectrometer. A 90° configuration was chosen for the collection of scattered light, particularly suitable for the analysis of liquid samples. The system is equipped with optical fiber and sharp-edge filters for blocking the radiation from excitation laser. The system has been used for acquisition of the Raman spectra of numerous organic and inorganic substances.

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Polymer Analysis using Raman Spectroscopy

Abstract: in this article we describe the application of the Raman spectrometer (in backscattering configuration) to the analysis of plastic polymers with the aim of demonstrating the applicability of the tool to recognize the type of plastic. In the image above we show the Raman spectra of some plastic materials, …

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Analisi di Polimeri con la Spettroscopia Raman

Abstract: in questo post descriviamo l’applicazione dello spettrometro Raman (in configurazione backscattering) all’analisi di polimeri plastici con l'obiettivo di dimostrare l'applicabilità dello strumento al riconoscimento del tipo di plastica.

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