Cosmic Rays Monitor

Cosmic Rays Flux Monitor

With a scintillation detector and a PMT we constantly monitor the cosmic rays flux (mainly muons). The detector has the following data :

Area Detector = 119 cm2
Normal Cosmic Ray Flux= 0,019 particles/s cm²
Expected Measured Flux : 119 cm2 x 0,019 particles/s cm2 = 2,261 particles/s = 136 cpm

The geographical position of the detector is the following :

Latitude = 46° 04′ 01” N
Longitude =11° 09′ 18” E
Elevation = 398 m Mean Sea Level

Daily Trend

In the following chart we enlarge the scale in order to see more details.


This following other graph shows the trend of the cosmic ray flux over 7 days. In some time intervals, when the system did not acquire any data, the graph line is interpolated.

7 Days Trend

Atmospheric Pressure

the flux of muons is related to atmospheric pressure. When the pressure is high the atmosphere is more dense and more particles are absorbed so the flux should decrease.

7 Days Trend