Geomagnetic Field Monitoring

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Original Signal

The following graph shows the trend of the signal measured directly by the sensor with a rate of one measurement per second. No processing or filter was applied to the signal.
Generally there is a certain “noise” in the order of about 10 nT due to both the characteristics of the sensor and the residual anthropic disturbances.

Daily Trend

Filtered Signal

The graph below shows the signal after it has been filtered with a low-pass butterworth filter with a cutoff frequency of 0.01 Hz which corresponds to a period of 100 s. In this way we clean the signal from high frequency statistical variations.

Daily Trend

This following other graph shows the trend of the geomagnetic field over 7 days. In some time intervals, when the system did not acquire any data, the graph line is interpolated.

7 Days Trend

Temperature of the FGM Sensor

The response of the FGM sensor is dependent, to a greater or lesser extent depending on the model, by temperature variations. For this reason, the temperature of the sensor is also measured and acquired, so as to ensure that it remains constant throughout the measurement period.

Daily Trend