10.525GHz Microwave Motion Sensor Module


A microwave beam can also be easily generated with the HB100 module which is mainly used as a motion sensor . It is a motion sensor module in the microwave X-band, it has a resonance oscillator and a pair of microstrip patch type antennas , this sensor is ideal for use in the motion detection devices and for speed measurement.

HB Series of microwave motion sensor module are X-Band Mono-static DRO Doppler transceiver front-end module. These modules are designed for movement detection, like intruder alarms, occupancy modules and other innovative ideas. The module consists of Dielectric Resonator Oscillator (DRO), microwave mixer and patch antenna (see Diagram below).


Technical specifications:
Low power consumption (typically 30 mA)
Pulse operation or CW
Detection range ( 20 m )
Operating supply voltage between 4.75V and 5.25V
X – Band frequency : 10.525 GHz

The HB100 module can then be used as a source of a microwave beam, as shown in the figure below :


The microwave beam produced by the module HB100 is linearly polarized. This fact is evident using as a gunnplexer receiver and interposing between source and receiver a PCB “stripboard” which has the function of a polarizing filter:

Without polarizer
With polarizer

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