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Low Cost DIY Scientific Equipment


It is not true that to make high-level educational scientific experiments it is necessary to spend a lot of money to buy the necessary equipment. Often with a bit of good will, time and lot of patience you can build everything you need : you save, you learn and you have fun !

Light Spectrometer


Example of Spectrum of a Fluorescent Lamp

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Photoelectric Effect Equipment


Post with the description of the Equipment : Study of Photoelectric Effect 

Ramsauer-Townsend Effect Equipment


Post with the description of the Equipment : Ramsauer-Townsend Effect 

Johnson Noise & Shot Noise Equipment


Post with the Johnson Noise Equipment :  Johnson Noise, Boltzmann Constant and Brownian Motion
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Photon Counter



Post with the Photon Counting Equipment :  Light as a Particle, Photon Counting 

Microwave Generator



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Microwave Doppler Sensor



Post with the Microwave Doppler Sensor Equipment :  Microwave Doppler Sensor

Geiger Detector

Detector with 2 SBM-20 ( Beta, Gamma )
Detector with LND-712 ( Alpha, Beta, Gamma )


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Ion Chamber



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X-Ray Proportional Counter

Proportional Detector connected to HV suppy
Measuring the low-energy x-ray emission of a tritium keychain

Post with the Proportional Detector Equipment : X Ray Proportional Counter

Neutron Detector

Neutron Detector with HV generator and HDPE Moderator
Background Neutron counting with 8 cm Moderator

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Gamma Spectrometer



Post with the Gamma Spectrometer Equipment : DIY Gamma Spectrometry 

Alpha Spectrometer




Post with the Alpha Spectrometer Equipment : DIY Alpha SpectrometerSome Alpha Spectra

Cosmic Rays Telescope


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Muons Detector





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Coincidence Detector



Post with the Coincidence Detector Equipment : PSoC Coincidence Detector – I

Cherenkov Detector




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XRF Spectrometer



Post with the XRF Spectrometer Equipment : DIY XRF Spectrometry 

Webcam Nuclear Particle Detector





Source = Strontium (90Sr) 0,1μCi
CPS (counts per seconds) = 1,38
Trace Length = 33px * 6μm = 198 μm
The CMOS sensor detects the beta radiation emitted by the decay of strontium. In the picture aside you see the magnified image of the track of an electron.

Post with the Webcam Particle Detector Equipment : DIY Webcam Particle Detector

Charge Sensitive Preamplifier (CSP)

The charge sensitive preamplifier (CSP) is a circuit in which the current pulse generated by a detector is converted into a voltage pulse by means of the charge of a capacitor. In the image below it is presented our “low cost” CSP.

The charts below show the signal from the detector (blue) and the signal produced by the CSP (yellow).

Post with the CSP Equipment : X Ray Spectroscopy with PIN Photodiode

Trans – Impedence Amplifier (TIA)

The trans – impedence amplifier (TIA) is a circuit in which the current pulse generated by a detector is converted and amplified into a voltage pulse by means of the voltage generated in a resistor. In the image aside there is our TIA used for the SiPM detectors.

The chart below show the signal from the detector (blue) and the signal amplified by the TI (yellow).

Post with the TIA Equipment : Muon Lifetime Measurement with PSoC , DIY Water Cherenkov Detector

X-Ray Diffractometer (refurbished Teltron apparatus)


Post with the Teltron Diffractometer Equipment : Tel-X-Ometer Equipment  , Bragg Diffraction , XRD Analysis of some Minerals

X-Ray Generator

A simple, DIY and low-cost X-Ray generator could be very useful ! The images below show the apparatus we have built with a russian NOS X-Ray tube. We built also a cabinet with a HV section and with the ammeter to measure the anodic current. The filament is fed with a constant-current power supply. Important ! The tube must be covered with a lead shield in order to prevent x-ray from going out in directions others than the front direction.

Post with the X-Ray Apparatus : Low Energy X-Ray Generator , X-Ray Diffraction DIY

Pulse Counter

With a PSoC microcontroller we have built a simple threshold pulse counter. This equipment is very useful in several applications such as photon counting or radiation counting. A feature of this counter is the threshold which can be modified with a trimming potentiometer, between 0 mV to 1000 mV. The measaurement is done in CPS (pulses per seconds) or in CPM (pulses per minutes) and it is also calculated the statistical error.

Charge Sensitive Preamplifier – Shaping Amplifier from Micod

Micod is a russian company which build some excellent front-end electronics for scintillators-photodiode.

High Voltage Generator

With a second-hand Matsusada HV module it is easy to achieve a low noise, adjustable, high voltage generator to drive PMT, SiPM, CZT and other detectors.