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Used Equipment

Occasionally we have some used equipment for sale, any item listed for sale here has been tested and any defects will be described accurately. If you are interested or if you want further detailed information on the proposed equipment feel free to write me at physicsopenlab@gmail.com

Gamma Detector with Well-Type Scintillator

This is a Bicron gamma detector with a well-type NaI(Tl) scintillation crystal. In the base there are the connections : HV and signal. With a switch there is the possibility to have the signal directly in the HV cable. The PMT has a resistance voltage divider that is not compatible with Theremino PMT adapter, it requires a HV driver a bit more powerful.
Proposed price : 80€

PMT High Voltage Supplier

This a high voltage PSU for PMT. The voltage range is 400 – 1400V. It requires input of 5V, The voltage can be regulated with a multi-turn potentiometer, it is equipped with a BNC connector.
Proposed price : 80€